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Dryer Repair Point Loma Ca

Dryer Repair Point Loma Ca
On the Washing Machine, In the Column in The Bathroom
With the advent of new technology in the house life becomes easier but the question immediately arises: how to perform its installation properly? Installing a dryer is a quick and easy process. It is possible to carry out the installation with your own hands, without calling an expert and thus saving the family budget. If you have already made a purchase but still do not know how to install the unit read the article carefully. Dryer Repair Point Loma Ca offers different options and ways to install the dryer that will require a minimum of time and effort from you.

Dryers: main types
Today you can find a worthy range of drying machines of different manufacturers and models in Point Loma Ca.

All of them are divided into 3 main types depending on the method of installation:

  • exhaust systems;
  • condensing;
  • with a heat pump.

The machines of the first type perform drying of laundry by means of air extraction from the machine into the ventilation shaft. Models of the condensation type pass warm air through a drum and then collect the condensate in one place – the assembly container. It has to be washed regularly, after each cycle. Heat pump units operate through the evaporator and draw excess moisture directly into the sewer system. Ventilation models are traditionally the most in demand among customers. They can be installed both in private houses and apartments. The other two types are less popular. The most frequently sold and demanded brands of drying machines are Bosch, Samsung, Siemens, Miele and Whirlpool.

Dryer Repair in Point Loma Ca

How to Install a Drying Machine
There are several main ways to install a drying machine for your laundry:

  • from the top to the washing machine;
  • in a pre-made drywall niche;
  • in the same horizontal plane as the washing machine;
  • in the bathroom (kitchen), under the sink or worktop;
  • on the balcony.
  • Consider in more detail each of the ways.
  • Installation “above”

Mounting the dryer over the washing machine in a residential area will save precious space and make the process of washing and drying as comfortable as possible. You can install the machine in any room or utility room. Did you choose this option for yourself? There are 2 possible ways to fixate it: With the fasteners that come with the drying process. With additional laths mounted on the wall above the washing machine (very rarely used). Follow the instructions given by Dryer Repair in Point Loma Ca to fixate the unit as securely as possible. Set the level of the washing machine above which the new equipment will stand (ideally it should be placed on a flat surface – concrete or tiled floor). Place the stand for the top unit on top of the washing machine. Place rubber seals between the bottom unit cover and the stand to reduce vibration. Secure the stand with the bolts. Place the machine on the machine stand so that the feet of the machine hit the existing grooves clearly. Seal the outer recesses on the mount with plugs.
Dryer Repair Point Loma Ca

Point Loma Ca Dryer Repair

Important! Positioning the washer and dryer in the column is the most difficult option. Here it is important to follow safety and installation regulations so that the structure does not collapse during operation. It is strictly forbidden to place the equipment above each other without using special fasteners! Moments that should be considered when placing the equipment vertically: Do not use fixings that you doubt. Pre-calculate the load you will have on the wall. Never switch on 2 units at once (even if you are sure of the quality of the mountings and the reliability of the wiring). A reminder from Point Loma Ca Dryer Repair: the dryer vibrates strongly during operation, so leave a gap of two or three centimeters from the wall. If possible, buy home appliances from the same company in Point Loma Ca. In the complete set it will look as harmoniously as possible, will perfectly fit into any interior, and fastenings will fit perfectly. No possibility to buy units from the same manufacturer? Choose units of the same size (the overall dimensions of bottom equipment under no circumstances should be less than the dimensions of the drying room). Never place the laundry dryer underneath the washing machine, as the latter is always much heavier and vibrates much more during the washing process.

Dryer Repair Point Loma Ca

Installation next to each other
The sequence of actions for installing the dryer above the washing machine in the column was sorted out. It is very easy to install the appliances side by side. You will have to free up more space. This way of placing is suitable for apartments and private houses with large rooms and utility rooms. Installation is simple: the unit is placed in the right place, after which its legs are twisted to the desired height on the level.

Accommodation in a niche
In the process of repairing the apartment a special niche can be provided for the dryer. To make it you will have to buy a drywall, metal corners, putty, finishing materials, fasteners and hire a specialist who will perform the required. And if your dryer ever malfunctions you can hire an expert from Dryer Repair Point Loma Ca to repair it.

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