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Freezer Repair Pacific Beach Ca

Freezer Repair Pacific Beach Ca
The freezer and the refrigerator have become the most used and essential appliances in the home, allowing us to store food in good condition for as long as possible. Breakdowns directly affect the food inside them, Pacific Beach CA Freezer Repair is about to give you some useful tips. Both appliances produce cold, the cold is our best ally to preserve food because most bacteria and infectious agents (pathogens) stop growing and reproducing at low temperatures, below 5 º C. When pathogens are found at temperatures above 5ºC and below 65ºC their growth returns to normal, and therefore the deterioration of food is accelerated. Therefore, any breakdown in the refrigerator or freezer in Pacific Beach Ca has become a real headache and usually leads to the waste of food that was inside. Depending on the type of breakdown, above all, depending on how long this breakdown has lasted, you should take different safety measures to avoid food poisoning.

Breakdowns of less than 4 hours do not produce any effect on the food, so you will not have to worry or get rid of it, you will be able to consume it without any fear. If you detect that your fridge or freezer has suffered a breakdown, you must contact a specialized technician at Freezer Repair in Pacific Beach Ca immediately. Below, we detail a series of tips and steps to minimize the consequences of the breakdown in the freezer or refrigerator.

  1. Leave the fridge and freezer closed, avoid opening the door as this will ensure that the internal temperature is maintained for longer. The internal temperature does not start to drop until 12 hours after the appliance has been out of use. After 12 hours, the food may start to deteriorate (those in the fridge) and defrost (those in the freezer).
  2. Avoid taking food out of the appliance to maintain the interior temperature. Keeping the freezer fully loaded will help keep food longer, i.e., it will help prolong the temperature of the freezer.
  3. Introduce an alternative cold source. If the breakdown is prolonged, you can insert ice cubes into the freezer and refrigerator to help maintain the temperature of the ice cubes. The longer you keep the internal temperature, the less the consequences on the food will be. Following these tips will help you to keep the food in good condition for longer, especially in the freezer, since the internal temperature is -15ºC and the food inside can be kept in good condition for a couple of days until it starts to defrost.

It’s always a good option to call a professional technician at Freezer Repair Pacific Beach Ca who can properly diagnose the problem and fix it.

Freezer Repair in Pacific Beach Ca

Once the breakdown has been solved, clean the freezer and the refrigerator thoroughly to remove the liquid that the food has with the increase in temperature. The cleaning of the refrigerator and freezer in Pacific Beach CA has to be deep and determined since, most of the time, this liquid remains stagnant and in areas of difficult access, and can become a focus of contamination. If you’re searching for a professional, Freezer Repair Pacific Beach Ca can help you. We’re your best, most-confident and simple local organization repair. Next, you have to check the state of the food. Which ones can I keep? Here are a series of tools that will help you identify which foods you can put back in the fridge or freezer and which you cannot.

Freezer Repair Pacific Beach Ca

  1. If it is a frozen product, check if there are ice crystals inside. If there are, you can refreeze it, you must analyze each product separately. However, if these products have been at temperatures above 5ºC for more than 3 hours, discard them directly.
  2. Most meat, red meat and poultry, can withstand temperatures above 5ºC perfectly. You can keep it as long as two conditions are met: it has not been more than 6 hours at more than 5ºC and it has not been completely defrosted. In addition, it must be cooked at more than 75ºC. This also applies to raw fish.
  3. Freezer Repair in Pacific Beach Ca recommends you to throw away any food that has been in contact with the juices of the raw meat that have been produced during its thawing, these juices are great focuses of pathogens.
  4. Do not taste the food under any circumstances, you must discard any food that looks bad or gives off a bad smell.
  5. Whenever you are in doubt, discard the food, this way you will avoid any risk of food poisoning.

At Pacific Beach CA Freezer Repair we offer professional and licensed appliance repairs for all our clients. We are reliable, local, affordable, licensed, certified, and we also offer a same day appointment. Contact us now.

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