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Fridge Repair – Adjusting The Thermostat Bite Point

Fridge Repair - Adjusting The Thermostat Bite Point
Last chance to fix your fridge is a good idea if you’re about to toss it out because it stopped working. Try this method if the light on the refrigerator comes on, but the cooling system doesn’t perform (it doesn’t cool down or make noise).

Thermostat Step 1: Checking it

The Thermostat is located inside the temperature adjuster box. Pull the box out by hand. The Thermostat consists of an expanding pipe contraption. A spring-loaded metallic plate pushes this. The springs are pressed against the plate by the expanding pipe as it warms. There are two screws to adjust the spring tension, which will affect the temperature of the fridge.

Thermostat Step 2: Adjusting the Bite Point

If the plate does not move properly to turn off the refrigerator, it may not work when pushed to the most comprehensive position. A worn-out plate or a stick switch can cause this. The tiny set screw on the left side adjusts the bite of the plate-operated switch. After changing the screw, the fridge now works 100%. If you have trouble repairing your Bosch appliances, check our manual.


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Fridge Repair – Adjusting The Thermostat Bite Point
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