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Hotpoint refrigerators can be reset in five simple steps

Hotpoint refrigerators can be reset in five simple steps
If you’re finding that your Hotpoint device has become too warm or is building up a lot of ice, resetting it may be necessary. We consulted with our experts, who noted that this is a popular topic. They are, therefore, here to guide you step by step through this process. Continue reading to learn how to reverse the Hotpoint refrigerator.

Step 1 – Turn off all the knobs

Hotpoint knobs must be turned to zero or the lowest possible setting.

Step 2 – Unplug fridge freezer

Please turn off the mains socket at the wall where your appliance is plugged in, then unplug it.

Step 3 – Make sure your power is turned off

To ensure that your appliance is properly turned off, you should do this for safety. Be sure the power indicator light does not blink. This will show that the appliance has been turned off.

Step 4 – Wait 15 minutes after plugging in the charger before reconnecting it

Experts say this step always surprises people. This step is what our experts say is always the most difficult for people to follow. Wait 15 minutes for the compressor to finish running before you restart the fridge-freezer. Be assured that 15 minutes won’t change the temperature or integrity of the foods in your refrigerator and freezer, as long as you keep the doors firmly closed! Seems simple, right? This is true in many respects, but knowing how to do a simple reseresethout damaging your appliance or yourself is essential.


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Hotpoint refrigerators can be reset in five simple steps
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