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How much is oven repair?

How much is oven repair?

Average cost of oven and stove repairs

The average oven repair cost is $150-350 for replacing most parts. Replacing an oven igniter ranges from $150 to $325. A heating element for an oven costs $150 to $450—labor costs for repairing an oven range from $50 to $125.

Repair cost of an oven by component

Oven igniter replacement cost

On average, gas oven igniters cost $150 to $325, depending on brand and model. A new oven igniter costs between $20 and $50. If the igniter is broken, the oven will not heat and make clicking noises but won’t light the gas and leak gas.

Cost of replacing heating element in an oven

A new heating element costs $150-$450. One new heating component for an oven can cost between $15 and 100. The baking coil and broil element comprise the oven’s heating element. When the heating elements burn out or crack in ovens, they can’t heat correctly.

Oven control board replacement cost

A new oven control board can cost between $150 and 600 dollars. One new oven controller costs between $60 and $250. The control board regulates all functions and temperature. If the control board fails to function, the oven cannot be turned on or off.

Cost of replacing the oven door

Brand and size will determine the price of replacing a whole oven door. The average cost is between $175 and $700. Generally, an oven door can range from $100 to $500, or even up to $1200 for high-quality OEM parts for designer ovens.

Oven glass replacement cost

The average cost of replacing oven-door glass is between $125 and $500. Some oven doors can have as many as four layers of heat-treated panels for added safety and efficiency. The majority of replacement door glass includes a new frame.

Replace oven thermostat

Replacing an oven thermostat costs between $100 and $350. The heating light may not come on, or the oven will not heat up. The thermostat will turn the heat on or off to achieve the desired temperature.

Repairing oven sensors

Replacing the sensor with original parts and wiring will cost between $100 and $250. This sensor informs the control panel of the current temperature in the oven. When the thermostat sensor fails, the oven will overheat or never reach the temperature set.

Replace oven thermostat

Gas oven valve replacement cost

On average, gas oven replacement valves range from $150 to $400. Gas leaks can be prevented by this safety valve, which regulates gas flow. You should always turn it off at the first sign of a leaky gas.

How much does it cost to replace the oven insulation

Replacement oven-wrap costs between $120 and 400 on average. It will cost more to clean the oven’s inside deep. When liquid spills inside the range or after rodent removal are removed, it is necessary to replace the internal insulation. Insulation is essential for maintaining oven temperatures and preventing cabinet damage.

Gas stove igniter replacement price

It costs between $100-200 to replace the igniter of a gas range. New stove igniters cost only $20 to 50 for the part or more for OEM igniters. In a range-burner failure, the igniters will not light up when switched on. A repaired igniter can prevent gas leaks.

Stove heater element replacement cost

A radiant-induction part for a glass top costs between $ 120 and $330 to install. A replacement of a metal coil costs between $90 and $150. Stove element pieces and heat the cooktop. Replacement is the only solution when an element fails.


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How much is oven repair?
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