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How To Remove A Dishwasher How To Remove A Dishwasher?

How To Remove A Dishwasher How To Remove A Dishwasher?
Removing your dishwasher can be a lot of work if you are prepared. To safely remove your dishwasher, follow these steps. Always consult your appliance’s user manual for detailed instructions.

Tools & Equipment

Gather the necessary tools before you begin. This includes Gloves (larger than the dishwasher bottom), Cardboard, a Screwdriver, a Crescent wrench, and an old towel.

Disconnect the power supply

A dishwasher must be connected to an electrical supply because it uses electricity. Find the circuit breaker on your dishwasher and turn it off. Unplug your dishwasher if it is directly plugged into an electrical source, which can be found under the sink.

Disconnecting water supply

The connection between the dishwasher and the water supply of a house is typically under the kitchen sink. The supply line will lead from the dishwasher to the connection on the wall. Turn the knob clockwise to tighten it. This will cut off water to the dishwasher.

Remove the water supply line

Remove the nut from the water supply line using a crescent-shaped wrench.

Remove the drain hose

This hose is used to connect your sink drain to your dishwashing machine. To disconnect the hose, loosen the screw at either the drain or garbage disposal. After that, carefully pull the drain pipe below the sink. Here is where a small towel can come in handy.

Remove the Countertop

Remove the screws from the bracket connecting your dishwasher to the countertop. Set the screws aside for safety.

Remove Panel

A panel covers the underside of the dishwasher. The drain, the water supply, and the electrical supply are behind this panel. Remove the screws with a screwdriver. Then, set them aside to remove the panel.

Disconnecting the water supply from the dishwasher

Locate the water supply and drain hose after removing the panel. Use a crescent wrench on the nut to remove the water from the dishwasher. Be careful not to let any water enter the line.

Remove the front legs of the dishwasher

You’ll have to remove four legs to remove a dishwasher from the counter.

Disconnecting the water supply from the dishwasher

By unscrewing the leveling screw counterclockwise with a crescent tool, you can loosen it. Once the screw is loosened, you can use your fingers to try and turn the leg. After loosening the two front legs, you will have approximately one inch of space between them and the floor. This will allow you to tilt the appliance and gently push it away from the kitchen counter.

Loosening Dishwasher Back Legs

Place a cardboard piece that is the appropriate size in front of your dishwasher. You can slide your dishwasher out as far as possible from the counter by lifting the bottom of the machine. Try to move the supply line, so it is not in the way. Pulling out the dishwasher, you can reach under it to loosen the two legs that level it. This will require a crescent screwdriver and your fingers.

Confirm your dishwasher has been disconnected from the power source

You can use a voltage detection pen to check if the dishwasher still has electricity. Once you’ve confirmed no power, trace the wire to the box under the dishwasher. Then, unscrew the screws to open the electrical box on the dishwasher. There should be white, copper, and black wires. The white, black, and copper wires should be removed by unscrewing the nuts. Be sure to replace wire nuts on wires that lead from the wall.

Remove Dishwasher

As you remove your dishwasher, be careful not to damage the floor.


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How To Remove A Dishwasher How To Remove A Dishwasher?
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