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How To Replace The Inner Door Glass In A Cooker

How To Replace The Inner Door Glass In A Cooker
It is essential to replace the inner door glass of your oven if it has been cracked or damaged. This will ensure your safety and help your appliance work at its best. Glass on your oven may be damaged by removing it for cleaning or from general wear and tear. It is easily replaceable.

Find out the model number

You will need the model number to find the right replacement door glass for your oven. This can be found behind the oven door frame or on a sticker. Check the sides or back of the appliance if you cannot find the model number here. Model numbers are usually a combination of letters and numbers but can also include other characters like a dash (/).

Check for plastic stops

The inner glass door of many cookers, like the one shown below, can be removed to clean. The Glass is held in place by two plastic stops at the bottom of each oven door. These two plastic stops may break if the oven is replaced too quickly after cleaning.

Replace the plastic stops

Replace the plastic stoppers if you find that they have been damaged or are missing. As shown in the picture below, you need to slot the plastic stops into the holes at the oven’s bottom edge. The plastic stops will initially feel loose, but secure the oven glass when placed. You should always check the quality and replace these plastic stops if damaged.

Replace the front door glass

The inner door glass can be replaced after the plastic stops are in place. Insert the inner door glass carefully to reach the plastic stops on the bottom. You should be able to read any writing on the inner door glass from the interior surface of the doors.

Close door

Close your oven’s door to check that the Glass is appropriately fitted. That’s it! You’ll be able to fix your cooker in no time.


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How To Replace The Inner Door Glass In A Cooker
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