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Ice Maker Repair Oceanside Ca

Ice Maker Repair Oceanside Ca
Ice cube machines are somewhat simple and easy to use. They usually don’t have many buttons (some models don’t have control panels at all) and the process is simple: you turn on the ice cube machine and it starts producing. It all sounds easy until the ice starts to taste bad, or it doesn’t come out of the ice cube machine at all. Ice machines are not that delicate, and the problems that arise are usually solved quickly. Although these machines are simple, the mechanism inside can be quite delicate and should not be tampered with. Any type of device dealing with electricity and water at the same time should not be underestimated! Ice machines are not a cheap investment, and learning how to diagnose a malfunction and when to call a professional such as Ice Maker Repair Oceanside Ca is vital for both safety and operating reasons. So, there are different types of ice machines, usually depending on the type and capacity of the ice they manage.

In general, the size of an ice cube machine is somewhere between a sink/portable unit and a substantial base model that weighs over 45 kilograms. The technology behind fast freezing has everything to do with controlling the pressure, even if we have to lower the temperature to make the ice appear. Normal freezers take at least a few hours to make a batch of ice from a mold, while an average ice machine takes about 10 to 15 minutes. This is all thanks to the mentioned pressure mechanism. The machine uses water from a water pipe or reservoir, places the water in a mold and quickly freezes using the mentioned technical sample. To get the freshly made ice cubes out of the mold and into the ice bucket, the ice machine uses higher heat. After that, the cubes automatically fall into the bucket and you can use the ice. As you can see, this process is not as simple as pressing a button, and it is hidden under the body of the ice maker. Every extra step needed can be a potential problem. Therefore, it is essential to know, at least vaguely, how these machines work.

Ice Maker Repair in Oceanside Ca

  1. Ice cubes start to smell and taste weird.
    You started to notice that it has a specific musty taste. This taste is usually followed by a strange, almost moldy smell. This problem is perhaps the most relevant, and yes, you guessed it: it is filth. When ice cubes start to taste weird, it’s because of the dirt accumulating in one or more of the core parts of the ice machine. Nothing beats a good old cleaning. The golden rule, especially for kitchen appliances, is “the more often you use it, the more often you clean it”, so it’s best to clean it every ten days if you use your ice maker daily. Since you will need to clean the ice machine inside and out, it is always advisable to have the machine make some ice with the dissolved cleaning solution and then a batch or two with water. Make sure you dispose of the ice made this way.

  1. Ice does not fall into the bunker
    The ice machine does its magic, and you can hear the parts moving in, but the bunker is empty and the ice doesn’t come out. Maybe there was a small number of ice cubes, but that’s it. However, when you open the body of the ice machine, you see that the ice is there, but it didn’t fall into the bunker. This situation can be a more serious problem. Ice machines use small heating elements under the molds to heat them just enough for them to fall out. If this mechanism breaks down, everything stops. Sometimes, if the problem persists, the ice machine can freeze from the inside, causing serious damage to the device. Moreover, the ejection mechanism always follows the mentioned heating system, so if it fails, everything stops again. The best thing to do in this case is to check for loose or broken parts and call a professional maintenance specialist such as Ice Maker Repair in Oceanside Ca. Such faults should not be treated lightly, as they usually involve electricity, and you know what they say about mixing electricity and water (or ice in this case).
Ice Maker Repair Oceanside Ca

  1. The ice continues to eject even after the bunker is full
    Well, this is not so harmful, and it is annoying to deal with. The basket gets full of previous ice batches, but the ice machine doesn’t stop producing and soon starts overflowing with fresh ice. Or, if your ice cube machine has a timer and a special time to stop, it will continue making more and more. When you get tired of scooping ice from the kitchen floor it’s time to check the sensor. This sensor is there to tell the machine when to stop making new ice, and it can sometimes break. Contact the manufacturer and check to see if an authorized replacement parts supplier is nearby. Replacing the sensor is usually an easy task, and if not, always call a professional such as Ice Maker Repair Oceanside Ca who can do it for you.

Oceanside Ca Ice Maker Repair

  1. There were water leaks around the ice machine
    Due to the nature of ice, water droplets can of course appear around the ice machine. But if you’re sure you haven’t spilled water or melted ice around the machine, you might have a problem with the pipes. Water leakage can occur due to two main reasons: defective inlet pipe or leak internal mechanism. The first is less dangerous and it is easier to fix than the second, more complicated problem. Unplug the ice machine and drain as much water from the inside and outside as possible. After the ice machine is dry, pay close attention to where the leak is coming from. If you open the top of the ice machine and see that the leakage comes from the smaller complicated pipes that transport water through the system, you may have a bigger problem on your hands. If you can, tape the hole with some duct tape and call a professional such as Oceanside Ca Ice Maker Repair. They will always know how to approach and replace this fine hose.

Ice Maker Repair Oceanside Ca
  1. Something is leaking, but it is not water
    Chances are you are using an ice machine that uses coolants to reach low temperatures to freeze water and turn it into ice cubes. If you have noticed a small puddle next to the ice cube machine and you can see or smell that it is not water, then you have a bigger problem than the leaking water can be. This substance is oily, but the good thing is that there isn’t much of it in it. Some refrigerants can even be dangerous, so the safest guess is to turn off the ice machine and remove the ice that has already been made. It is best to call a technician such as Ice Maker Repair in Oceanside Ca who can diagnose the cause of the leak and suggest a suitable repair method.

  1. Ice cubes come out in strange shapes
    It doesn’t matter if you use an ice machine that makes clear, solid ice, or you use an ice machine that delivers sonic nugget cubes, they should always be formed regularly. However, sometimes this is not the case and the ice cubes that fall into the bunker change shape and size without changing the program of the ice machine. Just before it turns into ice, the water gets into the molds in the core of the ice machine. Almost every ice cube machine out there is programmed to take the same amount of water for each batch, so that it is equal in size and shape. When that water is no longer available (or it comes in larger quantities), the size and shape of the cube changes and there are some things you can do to check and solve this problem. First check the inlet line, if your ice machine uses one. Disconnect the machine and disconnect the water inlet line. Check again if the valve is clean and if the water coming out of the tube is within normal pressure limits. If it is not, adjust that and the ice cubes should return to normal. Finally, the problem may be in the ice cutting mechanism. Some models use hot wires to cut larger ice into smaller ice cubes. If you suspect that this may be the problem, open the ice cube machine and look for loose wires and broken parts around the cutting mechanism. If you find suspicious parts or something is not in place, have it repaired by a professional such as Ice Maker Repair Oceanside Ca. And one last thing. Sometimes people change the setting of the ice machine to accidentally make other types of ice cubes. Reset the control panel and see if the problem was a small human error.

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My technician Jack was very thorough and informative regarding the fault with the ice-maker and quickly diagnosed the problem and the cost of repair. He was very pleasant and performed the repair and tested the ice-maker to ensure all was working before he left. I would certainly recommend Garant Appliance Repair for their work and quality of service!



Donte Perry


Jasonwas super professional and helpful. His explanation on what was wrong and our options for repairing were immensely helpful! Highly recommend!



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