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Is the oven not heating? How to replace the oven element

Is the oven not heating? How to replace the oven element
Oven repair & cooker engineers are often called to fix a fan oven that has not heated up or does not get hot. Most of the time, it is just a faulty oven fan element that needs to be replaced.

Is the oven element defective?

You can see a defective oven element in a variety of ways. RCDs in consumer units can trip and cut power to your oven. This happens sometimes, but only occasionally. If you reset the RCD, your oven will work fine. The thermostat light, if it has one, will also be on. However, there will still be no heat. You may find that when you take your food out of the oven to serve it, it needs to be cooked correctly, and the oven temperature is cold or warm.

Can you tell by looking at the element if it is failing?

A visual inspection may be all that is needed to identify a faulty oven element. If you notice any bulging or burning, an oven element must be changed.

How to replace an oven component

The first step in repairing your fan oven, whether a built-in or freestanding model, a single or a double, is to remove the “back plate” from the inside. In most cases, the elements that heat fan-assisted Ovens are located behind the backplate. The way back plates are attached varies, but they are usually held in place by 2 to 6 screws. The fan oven element will be visible once the back plate is removed. There are many instances where the cooker element will show visible signs of failure. This may include signs such as bulging, burning, or bursting in a specific area. It is a sign that the oven element needs to be replaced. In many cases, there are no visible signs of failure. The element is now exposed. It will be clear if you must access the rear of your oven to remove it. In many cases, the stove will not need to be removed to make the repairs. You are lucky if the element is screwed into place with the heads of the screws visible. You can easily remove these screws and then disconnect the wires. Once the screws are removed, the element will be freed from its original position. As you remove the element, be careful not to pull out the wires connected to it accidentally. Some manufacturers need to leave more wiring, making removing connections hard. If you pull off the connection, you may need to access the appliance’s rear. The back cover will only come off if the element is secured with screws at the rear of your cooker. The screws that hold the cooker element can be easily removed. Be sure to note the direction in which the wires connect to the oven element. It is recommended that you use the original part when possible. You can find it directly from us. For a better repair of your Thermador oven, read our manuals.


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Is the oven not heating? How to replace the oven element
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