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Replace the Dishwasher Pump

Replace the Dishwasher Pump
It is possible that your dishwasher’s filter needs to be cleaned or replaced. After eliminating all other possibilities, your dishwasher draining pump is the culprit. If the pump breaks or fails to drain correctly, you’ll have to replace this part. Here’s how you can replace a drain pump on your dishwasher.

Safety comes first!

Before starting any repairs, disconnect the appliance from its mains. The water supply hose should be disconnected from both the water and dishwasher. This will stop any damage to the appliance when you move it during the replacement.

Finding your model number

You will need the correct drain pump to complete the repair. The model number of a dishwasher is typically found on a sticker, data plate, or frame behind the door. It may also be found on the appliance’s back, sides, or kick strip. Model numbers are a combination of letters and numbers and may also include dashes (-) and slashes (/).

Turn the dishwasher around

You need to remove the base plate to access the drain pump. Start by turning your dishwasher on its back. You may need extra hands for this step, as dishwashers are heavy.

Remove base plate

Remove the four screws located on the corners of the bottom of your dishwasher to remove the baseplate. You may need to unscrew your dishwasher’s legs to remove the bottom plate. Refer to the user guide if you need clarification. After removing the screws and legs, you can lift the baseplate away from the dishwashing machine. Be careful when handling the base plate, as it can have sharp edges.

Removing the antiflooding sensors

Almost all dishwashers are equipped with an antiflood device in the interior of the baseplate. This sensor is attached both with screws and electrical connections. To remove the plate entirely, you must disconnect this sensor. You can either unscrew or disconnect the electrical connectors to do this. You can take a photograph before disconnecting electrical connections. Once the antiflood device is removed, you may remove the entire baseplate.

Check if the new pump that you purchased comes with a replacement seal

Once the base plate is removed, you can easily see the drainage pump. Check your replacement drain pumps and ensure they come with a new sealing.

Removing the antiflooding sensors

This is the thin, loosened rubber ring that’s at the end. If the drain pump replacement does not include a seal, you must remove it from the old pump and transfer it to your new one.

Remove the old drainage pump

Two screws are holding the drain pumps in place. Unscrew them on each side. Connect the electrical terminals to the pumps before removing the pump from its lugs.

Installing a new drain pipe

Replace the drain pump with the new one by reinstalling the two screws.

Remove the baseplate from the sensor and re-attach it

Lastly, you can screw back the base plate onto the dishwashing machine. Be sure to reconnect the antiflooding sensor before installing the base plate. To do this, refer to the previous photo taken of the connections. Once the sensor is in place and the base plate has been replaced, you can return the dishwashing machine to its upright position. Here’s how to replace the dishwasher drain pump. It should now drain properly, and your appliance will work.


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Replace the Dishwasher Pump
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