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Understanding How To Reset KitchenAid Dishwasher

Understanding How To Reset KitchenAid Dishwasher
You can reset your dishwasher before calling a specialist if your unit is malfunctioning. It only takes 30 minutes to do this. If the problem persists, try disconnecting and reconnecting the unit to the power source.

Manual Reset

Remove the unit from the power supply when it is not following commands. You can do the same thing with your dishwasher as a computer to fix bugs. Allow the dishwasher to unplug itself for a few moments to allow the computer time to reset. Connect the dishwasher to the power supply to verify if the problem has been resolved. Continue after five minutes and plug in the unit again.

Check the display panel for any error codes. The unit may be performing a diagnostics or recalibrating. Click the regular and heat-dry button pads to start a test cycle. Conduct a test cycle before loading the machine with dishes when connecting and disconnecting it from the power source. Click Start if you see the lights. You can check that the unit works correctly by running it through its cycle.

Reset the Control Panel and Functions

Reset control panel buttons, such as high-temp and Dry. If disconnecting and reconnecting the unit doesn’t improve the situation, or if you are unable to run a test cycle efficiently, it is recommended that you reset the control panel. Make sure the unit’s door is completely closed and sealed. Then, press the Energy Saver Dry and Hi-temp Scrub buttons five times each. Allow the unit to settle for 10 minutes so that it can reset. After you have completed the reset sequence on your display panel, the lights will flash. You may hear whirring noises. Let the unit run diagnostics before hitting any buttons. To complete the reset, press the drain or cancel buttons. This will activate a drain cycle of two minutes. Let the cycle run for two minutes before opening your dishwashing machine. If this procedure does not solve the problem, you must contact a technician. There may be issues that only a dishwasher specialist can handle that can’t be fixed by simple troubleshooting. You may need to replace the dishwasher if it is damaged. Contact us in any case to schedule a service appointment.


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Understanding How To Reset KitchenAid Dishwasher
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